Sunday, May 16, 2010


Urgh! I'll not go into introductions, preambles  or the stereotypical pace-setting paragraphs. Straight to the point. No hovering around the skirt! Okay, here goes.

The rains have really done it this time. Water is everywhere. Rivers have burst their banks and anything that can hold water is full to the brim. Dams and potholes alike...including the Kasuku container in my house that's been acting as a 'gutter' of sorts. In fact, there's a likelihood that Masinga dam shall overflow (if that hasn't happened already) forcing nearby residents.... (yidi yada yada)

KPLC on the other hand are still proving be award-winning colossal wankers. Just a few months ago, there was power-rationing on an almost full-time basis and now the HEP dams are full and power supply is still erratic. And into the spin-off we go...

KPLC can save face by offering an incentive to factories; yeah, those folks in manufacturing. Here's a sketch:
  1. Offer significant rebates on power supply to manufacturing companies on condition that the companies operate full time i.e. 24/7 (revenues remain somewhat constant; more power at less cost vs. less power at high cost)
  2. Manufacturing companies take on more workers to work overnight; creating employment
  3. Chances of the dams overflowing are reduced due to the artificial increase in demand for electricity.
Of course this 'model' has a number of flaws which, sadly, cannot be caught by an awk script.

Haya, kazi kwisha.